NIXsolutions: Android Auto 11.0 Visual and Compatibility Update

Google recently rolled out Android Auto version 11.0, bringing forth noticeable visual alterations. One key change lies in the adaptation of application icons, now tailored to the user’s connected smartphone, diverging from the previous uniform round icons.


Dynamic App Icons Across Devices

Unlike prior versions where app icons remained uniformly round on the car screen, version 11.0 introduces adaptability based on the connected smartphone. For instance, Samsung devices showcase proprietary barrel-shaped icons, while OPPO/OnePlus devices display square icons with rounded corners.

Brand-Specific Icon Modifications

Notably, Android Auto users with Samsung smartphones witness a further integration where the icons in the status bar transform to mirror One UI. This alteration extends to the battery indicators, cellular network, and Wi-Fi. Although this hasn’t been observed on devices from other brands yet, it’s plausible that Google might refine and extend this functionality.

The compatibility aspect of Android Auto 11.0 reveals insights from 9to5Google’s review of the code, notes NIXsolutions. Presently, accessing the new version mandates a smartphone operating on Android 8.0 Oreo or later. However, the system still accommodates devices on Android 7.0 Nougat, and the full implementation of this change is pending.