NIX Solutions: Durov Predicts Telegram’s Rise

Telegram is poised to reach a milestone – 1 billion monthly active users – by 2025, according to its founder Pavel Durov. In a recent interview, Durov discussed the factors contributing to Telegram’s success, challenges faced from law enforcement and app stores, and his vision for the platform’s future.

NIX Solutions

User Growth Fueled by Innovation and Word-of-Mouth

Durov attributes Telegram’s popularity to its focus on user experience. He believes users appreciate the platform’s speed, robust security features, and wide range of functionalities. Once users discover these features, they become loyal advocates, recommending Telegram to friends and family. Durov highlights Telegram’s competitive edge, stating that other messaging services lag “five to six years” behind in terms of features, and Telegram achieves this growth organically, with minimal marketing expenses.

Challenges: Navigating Complexities with Law Enforcement and App Stores

Durov elaborated on the complexities of operating Telegram. The platform’s headquarters in Dubai reflects a strategic choice to avoid undue pressure from governments and simplify business operations. Durov recounted a negative experience in the United States, where he faced an unsettling incident involving his phone and excessive interest from law enforcement agencies. He also criticizes Apple and Google for their potential to censor content through app store policies. While acknowledging the need for content moderation, Durov emphasizes the importance of fair and consistent application of these policies.

Countering Misconceptions and Embracing the Future

Durov addressed speculations about Telegram’s ties to Russian authorities. He dismisses these claims, attributing them to competitors seeking to undermine Telegram’s credibility. Durov emphasizes Telegram’s independent operation, with a lean team of 30 engineers and himself managing the product direction, notes NIX Solutions.

Looking ahead, Durov expresses optimism about Telegram’s future. With a strong user base of 900 million and a daily registration rate of 2.5 million, Telegram is on track to surpass the 1 billion user mark by 2025. We’ll keep you updated on Telegram’s future developments and Durov’s ongoing efforts to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication.