NIX Solutions: New Feature in Windows 11 You Didn’t Know About

Windows 11 has introduced a streamlined feature making OS reinstallation a breeze. Similar to resetting the operating system on modern Android smartphones, this function simplifies the entire process, as reported by Windows Latest.

NIX Solutions

Simplified Error Resolution

This innovation aims to ease error resolution, previously requiring alternative methods. Unlike the prior approach of creating a bootable flash drive with the OS, users can now execute these operations directly from the Update Center.

Preserving Data and Settings

Utilizing the Update to restore the system enables users to download the latest Windows 11 image and install it atop their current system, preserving all installed programs, games, and settings.

Implementation Process

Functionally akin to resetting a smartphone’s OS, this process requires navigating to Settings → System → Recovery and selecting “Reset this PC,” choosing either a clean installation or a method that preserves user data.

Currently available to beta users of Windows 11, it is anticipated to roll out in the official version after the forthcoming update, slated for February or March 2024, notes NIX Solutions.