NIX Solutions: Google Assistant Functionality Changes

Google has recently revealed its decision to disable 17 functions of the Google Assistant voice assistant, with the changes set to take effect from January 26. This move comes as part of Google’s strategic decision to streamline and prioritize features based on user preferences.

NIX Solutions

Concentration on User Preferences

According to Google’s technical support staff, the decision to disable certain functions is driven by the company’s commitment to enhancing the user experience. They aim to focus on features that resonate most with Android device owners, suggesting a move towards refining and improving core technologies.

Impacted Functions and Devices

Among the functionalities set to be disabled are voice commands for controlling playback in Play Books, sending emails, managing calendar events, checking routes, transferring money, booking tickets, and posting on social networks. Notably, control functions for Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 watches (excluding Google Pixel Watch) will also be affected. Furthermore, certain voice commands on smart displays for viewing sleep monitoring data and predicting commute duration will require manual initiation.

For a comprehensive list of the upcoming changes, users can refer to Google’s technical support site.

As part of this transition, users will receive reminders on their smartphones when attempting to use the affected functions, alerting them to the impending changes, notes NIX Solutions. Google encourages users to adapt to the new landscape and explore the retained features that continue to offer a seamless experience.