NIX Solutions: Google Bard Learned to Show Answers in Real Time

The Google Bard chatbot now offers real-time responses, allowing users to witness the answer being formed as they type. Previously, it provided answers only after completion, but this feature enables a dynamic and interactive conversation. You can activate this function through system settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner and choosing between “Reply in real time” and “Reply when completed” options.

NIX Solutions

Interrupting Bard’s Responses

If you’re dissatisfied with the chatbot’s response, you have the freedom to interrupt it at any point. When Bard starts generating text, a “Skip response” button appears above the request window. By clicking this button, you can halt Bard’s response and submit another question or request a different answer without waiting for the ongoing one to conclude.

Exploring Alternative Answers

To provide even more versatility, users can access alternative answers by clicking the “View other drafts” button. Additionally, the chatbot allows users to select between a “casual” or “professional” form for the text suggested. In the menu bar, you’ll find a button with the Google logo, which allows you to cross-reference Bard’s responses with search results.

Enhanced Features for Gmail Users

When sharing a conversation with Bard, any images attached to the chat will be visible to the recipient. Google has also expanded Bard’s capabilities in summarizing emails when working with Gmail.

The Google Bard chatbot has become more versatile and user-friendly, offering real-time responses, interruption options, alternative drafts, and enhanced email summarization features, concludes NIX Solutions. These improvements enhance the chatbot’s usability and make it a more powerful tool for users.