NIX Solutions: Google Ends Infinite Scroll for Faster Search Results

Google has decided to remove the infinite scroll feature from its search results. The feature, which can be compared to an endless video feed on social media, was first introduced on mobile in October 2021 and then rolled out to desktop in late 2022.

NIX Solutions

Reasons for the Change

A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land that infinite scrolling will disappear from search results due to page loading speed issues. The company is returning to the traditional “push-button” interface with pagination on desktop devices, as it believes that this is more convenient and will allow users to quickly navigate between search results pages. By the way, instead of using pagination buttons (dividing into pages), you can simply click the last “Next” button to go to the next or previous page.

Impact on Mobile Devices

On mobile devices, a “More results” button will appear at the bottom of the screen; by clicking on it, the user will see the next page with a list of sites in accordance with their search query. According to Google, this change will help results load faster by avoiding automatically downloading information that users don’t explicitly request. On mobile devices, the changes will take effect slightly later, adds NIX Solutions. We’ll keep you updated as these changes roll out in the coming months.

Overall, Google aims to enhance the user experience by making search results load faster and more efficiently. The removal of infinite scrolling is a step in this direction, addressing the issue of page loading speeds and improving navigation convenience. This adjustment underscores Google’s commitment to continually refining its search functionality to meet user needs.