NIXsolutions: Google To Remove Basic HTML Mode From Gmail

Those familiar with Gmail’s current interface understand its evolution over the past two decades. As Gmail approaches its 20th anniversary, it’s essential to recognize how design paradigms, internet speeds, browser capabilities, and online platform development tools have significantly evolved.


Innovative Interface

Gmail’s innovative interface set a standard from its early days, prompting other web-based email services to enhance not just aesthetics but also underlying technology. What was once groundbreaking may now appear outdated.

Farewell to Basic HTML Mode

Google has maintained a basic HTML version of Gmail for compatibility reasons with older devices, notes NIXsolutions. However, this feature’s lifecycle is nearing its end. Google plans to remove the basic HTML mode from Gmail in January 2024. Users currently relying on this mode will be automatically transitioned to the current interface.

For users facing compatibility issues, Google suggests using a different device, browser, or setting up an email client compatible with their device.