NIXSOLUTIONS: Google Updated Chrome’s Warning about Incognito Mode

In the aftermath of Google’s recent settlement over allegations of illegal tracking during Chrome’s incognito mode, the tech giant discreetly updated the description of private browsing in the latest Canary build of Google Chrome version 122.0.6251.0.

NIX Solutions

Revised Private Mode Description: Enhanced Privacy, Limited Impact

The updated private mode description emphasizes that while others using the same device won’t see the user’s activity, it clarifies that this won’t affect the collection of data by websites visited, including Google. Downloads, bookmarks, and reading list items, however, will be saved.

Comparison with Current Stable Version

Contrastingly, the description of private mode in the current stable version of Chrome assures users that their activity remains hidden from others using the device, but it retains downloads, bookmarks, and reading list items.

Unaltered Incognito Mode Details: A Cautionary Reminder

The additional information under the incognito mode description remains unchanged, warning users that their online activity may still be visible to the websites visited, employers or schools, and their Internet Service Provider.

Despite Google’s assertion that incognito mode allows websites to collect information about browsing activity, the court rejected this argument in August, reminds NIXSOLUTIONS. Last month, reports surfaced about a settlement between Google and the plaintiffs, awaiting court approval in January with a final decision expected in February.