NIXsolutions: Google Drive Introduces Exciting Cloud Storage Enhancements

Google recently rolled out an update for its cloud storage service, as reported by Phone Arena. This update brings two noteworthy improvements, with a focus on enhancing the user experience.


Dynamic Video Playback Quality Selection

One significant enhancement is the integration of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, allowing users to watch videos directly from the cloud. This feature enables dynamic playback quality selection, reducing the wait time for buffering between clicking “Play” and the start of the video.

Revamped Search Functionality

The second major change involves improvements to the search capabilities within the cloud storage. The key innovations in this aspect include:

  1. Streamlined Query Filters: Introducing filter categories directly below the search bar, such as filters by file type, owner, and last modified, to simplify access to query filters.
  2. Real-time Query Filters Display: As users type their queries, corresponding query filters are displayed, facilitating easy selection and saving time from typing the entire query.
  3. Enhanced Search Refinement: Users now have the ability to further refine their search after navigating to the search results page.

As of now, these features are exclusively available for iOS users, notes NIXsolutions. If the update has not reached your device, ensure that you have the latest version of the Google Drive app and patiently await its arrival in the next few days. Unfortunately, the availability dates for these innovations on Android remain undisclosed.