NIXsolutions: Meta’s Threads – A Competitor for Twitter with an Unforeseen Twist

The Launch of Threads: Meta’s Competitor for Twitter

The other day, Meta introduced its competitor for Twitter called Threads. The app became super successful, growing its user base to 100 million users in less than a week. According to the latest information, there are already 150 million downloads, although activity has fallen.


Domain Confusion vs. A Puzzling Predicament

Attentive users have noticed that the domain of the Threads web page is, which is not quite familiar. The fact is that back in 2019, a service called Threads appeared, but its essence is a competitor for the working Slack messenger. The service even attracted investments from Sequoia Capital. It is he who occupies the more familiar domain.

Unintended Consequences

Name Confusion and App Store Rankings

Due to name confusion, Threads, which is Slack’s competitor, received nearly 1 million additional downloads and topped the App Store in various countries in the business category. The problem has become so big that they even put a badge on the main page of Threads that they are not part of Instagram.

Intriguing Connections

The Founder’s Background and Legal Considerations

Interestingly, the founder of Threads, who is a competitor to Slack, once worked at Facebook (before the name change to Meta), reminds NIXsolutions. The company also declined to say whether they would sue Meta or not, but said they have full rights to the trademark.