NIXsolutions: Microsoft Establishes AI Division in London

Microsoft is inaugurating an AI division in London, posing a challenge to Google DeepMind, as reported by Business Insider.

Expanding Microsoft’s AI Presence

Jordan Huffman, a former DeepMind researcher, will lead this new center, emphasizing the focus on pioneering AI solutions. It’s a strategic move for Microsoft as it aims to cement its position as an AI frontrunner.


“We plan to make a significant long-term investment in the region, recruiting top AI talent,” stated Mustafa Suleiman, head of Microsoft’s new AI division.

With existing offices in the UK capital and a £2.5 billion commitment to UK data centers, Microsoft solidifies its commitment to the region.

Navigating the AI Landscape

The AI industry witnesses fierce competition, with Meta and OpenAI also heavily investing in their AI divisions. Reports suggest aggressive recruitment strategies, including enticing pay packages up to $10 million to lure Google researchers.

DeepMind, acquired by Google in 2014, has long been a prominent figure in AI. However, it faces formidable competition from emerging players like Microsoft, reflecting the dynamic nature of the AI sector, notes NIXsolutions.

DeepMind’s work on Gemini, its counterpart to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, underscores its significance in Google’s AI roadmap.

We’ll keep you updated on the developments as Microsoft’s AI division in London progresses.