NIXsolutions: Microsoft Releases Major Skype Update in Beta

Microsoft has unveiled an unexpected major update for Skype in its beta testing phase. This enhanced version of the branded messenger offers an improved user interface, new features for Android device cameras, and several other valuable innovations.


Redesigned Call Screen

The most prominent change in Skype’s build for Skype Insider members is the revamped call screen, with the following notable updates:

  1. Streamlined Controls: Controls are now neatly organized at the bottom of the screen for easy access.
  2. Call Control Modes: Quickly switch between call control mode and full-screen mode.
  3. Enhanced Interface: Improved coordination of light and dark design interfaces.
  4. Optimized Code: Reworked code for better application performance and improved call quality.
  5. Camera and View Switch: Seamlessly switch between cameras or views using the call control menu.
Enhanced Camera Functions for Android

For Android users, the camera functions have been enhanced, offering more stability and smooth operation. Additionally, new selfie filters have been added, along with the capability to scan QR codes for quick access to chats and account logins.

AI-Enabled Bing Integration

Microsoft has integrated AI-powered Bing into Skype conversations, allowing users to interact with it as a full-fledged conversational partner for answers to various questions. Simultaneously, the update addresses some issues, such as faster application loading on Android and the elimination of crashes when switching applications during conversations on iOS devices, notes NIXsolutions.

To experience these new Skype features, you can join the Skype Insider program. As of now, the developers have not announced an official release date for this update.