NIXsolutions: Microsoft to Allow Removing More Standard Apps from Windows 11

Developers at Microsoft are gearing up for a Windows 11 update set to empower users with advanced control over built-in applications. Currently in beta version 23585, accessible to Microsoft Insider program members in the Dev channel, this update enables users to uninstall additional pre-installed apps such as Camera, Cortana, Photos, People, and Remote Desktop Client (MSTSC).

NIX Solutions

Enhanced User Autonomy:

This move aligns with Microsoft’s dedication to offering a more adaptable and personalized user experience. Granting users the ability to remove pre-installed applications addresses a common user request for increased autonomy in managing the software platform’s default apps.

Minimalistic OS Experience:

This innovation is likely to resonate positively with users seeking a more minimalistic OS by eliminating unnecessary pre-installed applications. Users who do not require a plethora of default apps can now streamline their operating system, improving efficiency and simplicity, notes NIXsolutions.

Release and Accessibility:

While the option to uninstall built-in apps is presently available through the Windows Insider program in Early Access, the exact release date for this feature in stable OS versions remains undisclosed.