NIXsolutions: Neural Network Learned to Turn QR Codes Into Pictures

A graduate of the China University of Communications under the nickname ciaochaos presented an interesting project in which he taught the Stable Diffusion neural network to sew QR Codes into generated applications. This innovative solution allows you to create unique images containing useful information in the form of a QR code.

NIX Solutions

Access to the Stable Diffusion model, which allows such transformations, will be provided to everyone in the near future, according to ciaochaos. At the moment, he shared only some details about the process of this project. First, he generates an image using Stable Diffusion, and then uses a special tool so that the neural network harmoniously embeds the QR code into the created image.

The devices successfully read the embedded QR code, although it takes a little longer than under normal conditions, notes NIXsolutions. After all, the technology of QR codes provides for the possibility of image correction and restoration of encoded information in the presence of damage in the picture. This way, even if the image is slightly corrupted, the code remains readable.

ciaochaos says that the idea of creating such a project came to him several years ago, but at that time there were no suitable tools for harmoniously embedding QR codes in images.

Advantages of the Stable Diffusion project:

  • Unique generated apps with embedded QR codes.
  • The ability to convey useful information through images.
  • Support for QR codes functionality for data recovery.

ciaochaos’ innovative approach to creating the Stable Diffusion project opens up new perspectives for using QR codes in generated applications, allowing information to be communicated in a more creative and aesthetic way.