NIXsolutions: Notepad App Gets Spell Check and AutoCorrect Features

Microsoft has finally added spell checking and AutoCorrect features to the Notepad app for Windows 11, more than 40 years since the simple text editor first arrived on Windows in 1983. These features appeared in test versions of the operating system in March and are gradually becoming available to users of stable versions of Windows 11 this week.


How Spell Check Works in Notepad

The spell check function in Notepad is almost identical to its counterparts in Word and Edge. Words with errors are underlined in red. However, when you right-click on such a word, a menu with replacement options does not automatically open. To see it, the user needs to click again on the corresponding submenu item.

It is strange that Microsoft did not make the spell check function in Notepad completely identical to its counterpart in Word, especially since, at the testing stage, it was possible to see replacement options with just one right-click. If necessary, users can use the application settings to disable spell checking in files of a certain type, such as .md, .srt, .lrc, or .lic, notes NIXsolutions.

Introduction of AutoCorrect

Microsoft has also added an AutoCorrect feature to Notepad. This means that typos you make while typing will be automatically corrected if the spell check feature is activated. Users can disable the AutoCorrect option in the application settings. Both innovations will soon be available to all text editor users in Windows 11. We’ll keep you updated as these features roll out.