NIX Solutions: YouTube Tests Color-Based Video Sorting Feature

YouTube is currently experimenting with a novel feature, enabling users to sort videos in their feed based on the predominant colors. This feature has caught the attention of some mobile app users, particularly on Android and iOS devices.

NIX Solutions

Limited Release and Confirmation

A spokesperson from YouTube has confirmed the experimental nature of this feature. However, it’s important to note that the color-based sorting is only available to a select number of users on the YouTube mobile app, and details about its wider release remain undisclosed.

Color-Based Sorting Mechanism

Contrary to the expectation of a complete overhaul of the video feed, the color filter introduces a separate feed at the top of the app interface. The intricate details of the video filtering mechanism are not entirely transparent. It could involve analyzing colors in video thumbnails or processing the entire file to identify dominant shades.

Functional Limitations

It’s crucial to understand that this new function is not designed to filter videos based on topics or content. Instead, users are limited to selecting content based on the aesthetic component, emphasizing YouTube’s emphasis on visual preferences, notes NIX Solutions.

As the experiment unfolds, users are left speculating about potential applications and whether YouTube intends to broaden sorting options beyond color aesthetics. The limited release raises curiosity about possible improvements and refinements before a more extensive rollout. Users keenly anticipate insights into the feature’s purpose and its integration into the broader YouTube platform.