NXISolutions: School Boards Sue Social Media Giants

The four largest school boards in Ontario, Canada, have initiated legal proceedings against tech giants TikTok, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Snapchat. They claim that these social media platforms are negatively impacting the educational process. The plaintiffs are seeking over C$4 billion in damages for disruptions to student learning and the education system.


Challenges in Education

The lawsuits argue that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are engineered to manipulate children’s behavior and cognition, thus impeding their learning. Rachel Chernos, a trustee of the Toronto District School Board, highlights concerns such as social withdrawal, anxiety, attention deficits, cyberbullying, and mental health issues among students.

Legal Landscape and Response

In the United States, numerous states, including California and New York, are also taking legal action against Meta, alleging that Instagram and Facebook features contribute to youth mental health crises. Duncan Embury, a lawyer representing the Canadian plaintiffs, emphasizes the need for accountability and regulation. He calls for warnings, revised age restrictions, and increased resources for school boards to address these challenges effectively.

Policy Responses and Future Outlook

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a law prohibiting social media accounts for children under 14 and requiring parental consent for those aged 14 and 15. The law, effective from January 1, is anticipated to encounter legal challenges, notes NIXSolutions.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments in these legal battles and policy changes surrounding social media usage among minors.