NIX Solutions: Scribble Journey – A New Tool for Art Therapy

Many issues concern people, be it current global conflicts, climate change, or the unstable state of the economy. And it’s no surprise that the world is experiencing a mental health crisis. Some users are turning to apps to cope with mental health issues. According to Grand View Research, the global mental health app market was valued at $6.2 billion in 2023.

Scribble Journey’s Features and Updates

Scribble Journey is an art therapy and mental health app that aims to help users express and explore their emotions through art. On Monday, the startup launched a new feature for iOS devices that allows users to complete drawing tasks in the app rather than sketching in a physical notebook at home. The application is available on the App Store, where users can choose a daily intention, such as “Build Self-Love” or “Explore Emotions,” and then select an activity, such as “Emotion Color Wheel.” Scribble Journey contains step-by-step drawing instructions for users to draw their feelings.

NIX Solutions

In its latest update, Scribble Journey integrated PencilKit, Apple’s drawing framework, allowing users to draw with their finger or Apple Pencil directly within the app. This feature is designed to provide greater flexibility and ease of use for users who want to journal on the go. Additionally, Scribble Journey has released other small features, including an autosave feature, daily offers, easier navigation, and new activities. There are currently 21 types of activities in the application, but more will be added in the future.

Subscription and Background

Scribble Journey has also lowered its prices to attract more users. The annual subscription now costs $20 per year, a reduction of $16, and the monthly subscription costs $2.99 per month. Additionally, the app has released a free trial for new users, with one month free for annual subscribers and two weeks free for monthly subscribers. Founded by Stephanie Hubbard in 2020, Scribble Journey originally began as a set of activity cards sold in her Etsy store. The concept originated from Hubbard’s thesis, which she developed after consulting with art therapists while struggling with stress during her studies.

Art therapy, which originated in the 1940s, is a form of alternative therapy found to be beneficial and complementary to patients of all ages. It is designed to help reduce conflict, develop thinking skills, build self-confidence, and improve emotional intelligence and social abilities. Following the success of the physical Scribble Journey sets in her Etsy store, Hubbard decided to expand her reach by developing an app. She turned to her husband, Greg Hubbard, who had recently changed careers after taking a coding course, to help her make her vision a reality.

The official Scribble Journey app launched on iOS devices earlier this year and has amassed nearly 2,000 users. Updates will be released soon, including journaling suggestions and notifications, which are expected to arrive in the iOS 18 update in September. Additionally, an iPad version of the application is in development. We’ll keep you updated on these exciting new features and improvements.