NIXSolutions: What Happens on the Internet in a Minute

Every minute, users of the global network send more than 250 million emails, perform 9 million Google searches and 6 million online purchases. This is stated in the study of the cloud operator UCloud, which the company shared with The company’s specialists analyzed data from various resources that track the use of global services, including those that store data in the cloud.

NIX Solutions

The following happens every minute in the global network:

  • 22,831 calls to ChatGPT;
  • 9 million Google searches;
  • 250 million emails are sent;
  • 221 million people watch 452,000 hours of content on Netflix;
  • 230,000 terabytes of data appear;

Over the past year, the average number of Google searches every minute has increased by 65%. In 2022, 5.9 million searches were performed every 60 seconds, and in 2023, their number increased to 9 million. The increase in Internet users led to the need to store more information, notes NIXSolutions.