NIX Solutions: Windows 11 Copilot AI Autostart Concerns

Users of the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview build have noted an automatic launch of the Copilot AI assistant upon boot. Initially appearing in preview build 23615, the feature was disabled but has now been re-enabled by Microsoft.

NIX Solutions

Variability in Autostart Occurrence

The autostart feature of Copilot is not universal among users of the latest Windows 11 Insider build. Microsoft states that the AI assistant will not launch automatically on systems with monitors smaller than 27 inches diagonal and a resolution lower than 1920 pixels on the long side. Moreover, in multi-monitor setups, Copilot will solely appear on the primary screen during autostart, adds NIX Solutions.

Disabling Copilot Autolaunch

To disable the automatic launch of Copilot, users can navigate to the “Personalization” section in Windows settings. Alternatively, they can access the “Initial loading of applications” section in the task manager.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments regarding this issue.