NIXsolutions: World’s First Tweet Is Now Ooffered Under $2,000 for NFTs

Sina Estavi Repeats NFT Auction

Sina Estavi, a crypto-currency entrepreneur of Iranian origin, once again put up for auction the NFT token of the very first tweet on Twitter, which he acquired for $2.9 million.


Unsuccessful Attempt at Profit

It seems that this, far from the first attempt by a businessman to profit from the sale of an NFT token, will once again be unsuccessful, since the maximum bid for it now is only 1 Ethereum, which is equivalent to $1,895.

Previous Failed Auction

Estavi has already tried several times to sell the NFT token of the first tweet in the OpenSea auction. About a year after the acquisition of the first tweet of the former head of microblogging service Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) “just setting up my twttr” (“just setting up my Twitter”), he put it up for sale, hoping to receive $48 million.

Low Interest and Bids

However, they showed no interest in buying it – only seven offers were received with a maximum price of 0.09 Ethereum ($277 at the exchange rate at that time), notes NIXsolutions.

Owner’s Refusal to Sell

It should be noted that even if a much higher price is offered for a tweet, the owner may refuse to sell it. “It is important to me who wants to buy it, I will not sell this NFT to anyone, because I don’t think that everyone deserves this NFT,” the businessman said last year.