NIX Solutions: YouTube Got AI Dubbing into Different Languages

The administration of the YouTube video platform announced the introduction of a new feature that will allow creators to add synthesized voice acting created by artificial intelligence to their videos. This feature, developed by the Aloud project from Google’s Area 120 technology incubator, allows you to transcribe a video, prompting the author for a transcript for editing, and then adding a dubbed audio track. The new feature is already being tested on several author channels, and there are plans to expand the range of supported languages in the future.

NIX Solutions

Benefits for YouTube channels:
  • Audience expansion: The ability to add synthesized voiceovers will help channels reach more viewers.
  • Improved dubbing quality: In the future, it is planned to improve the synthesized soundtracks so that they are more similar to the original voices with a strong emotional color and speech synchronization with articulation in the frame.
  • Functionality development: In 2024, it is planned to expand the functionality with the addition of new languages and additional features.

With this new YouTube feature, creators will be able to significantly improve their content and attract more viewers, and the development of synthesized voiceover technology will allow you to create better dubbed videos, concludes NIX Solutions.