NIXSolutions: Financial Times and OpenAI Strike Licensing Deal

The spread of artificial intelligence systems, which use large volumes of texts, works of art, and other intellectual property to train their language data, has encountered opposition from copyright holders. However, the Financial Times has managed to conclude a licensing agreement with OpenAI.


Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The parties reportedly aim for mutual benefit with this deal. For OpenAI, the extensive bank of Financial Times publications will serve as a valuable source of information for training large language models. Meanwhile, the publication itself will be able to develop new services for its readers with the support of OpenAI. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. This agreement mirrors OpenAI’s similar deal with the Associated Press publishing house last year, wherein the latter gained access to only a portion of the news archive.

AI in the News Business

In the news industry, the use of artificial intelligence systems is gaining momentum. For instance, BuzzFeed plans to utilize them to create personalized surveys on its website. Likewise, The New York Times showcased the strength of AI last year by creating a service for automatically generating congratulatory texts for Valentine’s Day. It’s evident that working with Financial Times materials will soon become more convenient and productive for subscribers of the online publication, notes NIXSolutions.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments in this partnership.