NIXSolutions: Google Introduces AI-Powered Summaries in Chrome

Google’s SGE (Search Generative Experience) platform, driven by artificial intelligence, unveils a novel feature in the Chrome browser: the capability to furnish users with succinct summaries of the content found on web pages.

“SGE while Browsing” Functionality

Termed the “SGE while browsing,” this function, though not fully reflective of its essence, brings a unique perspective. Accessible on the desktop Chrome version, as well as Android and iOS applications, this feature offers users the ability to request abstracts of text from the currently open page. A similar functionality emerged on the Yandex Browser for desktop and mobile just over a month ago. Here, reports are generated by the YandexGPT generative neural network.

NIX Solutions

Distinguishing Features of Google’s Implementation

In Google’s rendition, the summary mechanism operates with distinct nuances. Primarily, this functionality is exclusive to public pages, excluding text excerpts behind a paywall. Furthermore, an “Explore on Page” option allows users to navigate to specific segments of the original text corresponding to particular theses, enabling in-depth study of the subject matter.

Limitations and Audience

The chief limitation of this innovative feature is its constrained audience. Solely users who opt into the Google SGE program gain access, notes NIXSolutions. This program, integrated into search results, supplements relevant query-related links with AI-generated text, delivering instant answers. Notably, enhancements are underway for this block, including highlighted words with hovering definitions and identification of SGE-generated code snippets.