NIX Solutions: Google’s Podcast Service Update

Earlier this year, Google announced the forthcoming shutdown of its podcast service Podcasts by April 2024, offering users the option to migrate their content to YouTube Music or another platform. Presently, the podcast transfer tool is gradually being made available to users in the United States, with plans for a wider rollout.

NIX Solutions

Podcast Transfer Process

Google’s support page details the process for transferring podcasts. Users can select either YouTube Music or an alternative platform for their content. Accessible through the menu in both mobile and web versions of Podcasts, the transfer involves choosing “Export subscriptions,” followed by “Export to YouTube Music,” and confirming the process by clicking “Export.” Data can also be downloaded as an OPML file or via Google Takeout for transfers to other platforms, adds NIX Solutions.

Migration Considerations

Acknowledging the potential time required for migration, Google notes that not all podcasts may be accessible on YouTube Music. For any missing podcasts, users can retain them by utilizing the RSS link to the show feed. The availability of the podcast transfer tool beyond the US remains undisclosed, with Google promising additional notifications for users.