NIX Solutions: New Gmail Feature – Voice-Powered Email Drafts

Google is revolutionizing email composition in Gmail with the introduction of voice prompts, as reported by Mashable.

Voice-Prompted Email Drafts:

Help Me Write, Google’s existing AI tool, has been aiding users in crafting emails by suggesting various openings based on prompts. Now, a beta feature named “Write an email by voice” has been uncovered in the Gmail mobile app by blogger TheSpAndroid.


Simple and Efficient Process:

Upon activation, a microphone button emerges, allowing users to record their prompts. A single click on “Generate” results in the AI producing an editable draft of the email, streamlining the process of email creation.

Expanding AI Toolkit:

While Help Me Write for Gmail was launched in June last year, the addition of voice prompts was not officially announced by Google. This new feature joins Google’s array of AI tools, including Duet AI for Google Docs and Sheets, and the experimental AI-powered search feature, SGE, notes NIX Solutions.

Diverse AI Offerings:

Highlighting Google’s commitment to innovation, the company has also recently introduced Circle to Search on new Samsung devices. This feature enables users to search for items by circling images, showcasing Google’s continuous efforts to enhance user experience through AI-driven solutions.

Google’s foray into voice prompts for Gmail reaffirms its dedication to leveraging artificial intelligence to simplify everyday tasks. As the tech giant expands its AI toolkit, users can expect further advancements aimed at enhancing productivity and convenience.