NIX Solutions: New Google Calendar Scheduling Features Unveiled

Google has announced the introduction of new meeting scheduling features to Google Calendar. Currently, when you create a meeting schedule in Calendar, you can set it to recur weekly or not to recur.

The new option provides more flexibility and allows you to set your own weekly repeats for your appointment schedule. For example, you can set your meeting schedule to be biweekly instead of weekly. We’ll keep you updated on any further enhancements.

NIX Solutions

Appointment Schedule Improvements

For those who don’t know, Google Calendar previously had two features called “meeting slots” and “meeting schedules” that essentially did the same thing. Earlier this year, Google announced that as of July 18, meeting slots would disappear, to be replaced by more convenient meeting schedules.

Appointment Schedule offers a dedicated user interface for creating and managing multiple appointments throughout the week. It allows you to create and share booking pages so people can book time with you. You can set different times for individual days, choose locations, add other people, highlight days, and set up reminder emails, among other options.

What’s special about the scheduling feature is that you can manage all your bookings from a full-screen interface that is separate from the main Calendar UI and opens in a new tab, adds NIX Solutions. This enhancement provides a streamlined and efficient way to handle your appointments.

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