NIX Solutions: OneDrive’s New Mandatory Feedback Feature

Last month, Microsoft introduced a new feature in OneDrive that demands user input before closing the application. This update follows a similar strategy used with Edge to discourage the use of competing services like Google Chrome.

NIX Solutions

An Intrusive Dialog Box: Exploring OneDrive’s Latest Update

Reports from online sources highlight a recent OneDrive update that introduces a dialog box requiring users to state their reason for closing the application. This dialog box presents a set of predefined options, and users are compelled to choose one, making it impossible to exit without providing feedback.

Forced Feedback: Understanding the Prompted Options

The options include reasons like not wanting OneDrive to run continuously, lack of familiarity with OneDrive, non-usage of the service, troubleshooting issues, a desire to improve computer speed, excessive notifications, or an “Other” category, notes NIX Solutions. This mandatory feedback mechanism challenges the user’s ability to exit the application seamlessly.