NIXsolutions: Reddit Tests Discord-Like Channels for Community Chats

Reddit is exploring new features to enhance its community chat experience, as it is currently testing Discord-like channels. These channels, which will allow users to chat with one another in a more organized and interactive way, will include voice chat, moderators, and more.


Testing Discord-like channels

According to reports, the new Reddit channels are currently being tested by a select group of users. While the channels share similarities with Discord, they are not intended to replace Reddit’s existing chat rooms or message boards.

Features of the new channels

Reddit’s new community chat channels will include features such as voice chat, which allows users to talk with one another in real-time, similar to Discord’s voice chat. Additionally, moderators will have the ability to create custom roles and permissions, making it easier to manage larger groups of users.

More interactive chat experience

The introduction of these channels will provide a more interactive chat experience for Reddit users, making it easier to connect with like-minded individuals in real-time. This is expected to create a more engaging environment for discussions and debates, further strengthening the sense of community on the platform.

Future developments

While Reddit has not yet announced a timeline for the public release of these channels, it is expected that they will be rolled out gradually over the coming months, notes NIXsolutions. As with any new feature, there may be bugs and issues to work out, but the potential benefits for the Reddit community are significant.