NIX Solutions: Skype Preview 8.113 Update

In the latest Skype Preview version 8.113 update, developers addressed user concerns regarding voice messages and introduced notable features. This update encompasses Voice Transcription, a revamped reaction selection tool, and bug fixes for a smoother user experience.NIX Solutions

Voice Transcription Feature:

A prominent addition is the Voice Transcription feature, allowing users to convert voice messages into text effortlessly. By simply tapping the pencil icon, users can access the content in text form. Developers highlight the utility of this innovation, especially for users relying on assistive technologies for communication. Importantly, this function is available for free, enhancing accessibility for a broader user base.

Redesigned Reaction Selection Tool:

Skype 8.113 Preview introduces a redesigned reaction selection tool, addressing user feedback for clarity and speed. To use this feature, users can click on the smiley face in the upper right corner of the message. For a more extensive selection of emojis, holding down the message reveals a categorized list, ensuring a comprehensive array of reactions, adds NIX Solutions.

Bug Fixes:

The update also resolves a bug causing multiple missed call messages to appear in chats, streamlining the overall messaging experience for users.

In summary, Skype Preview version 8.113 brings forth enhancements catering to user preferences and needs. From Voice Transcription for improved accessibility to a more user-friendly reaction selection tool and bug fixes, this update is designed to elevate the overall Skype experience.