NIXsolutions: TikTok Launches New Photo App ‘Whee’

TikTok has launched a new photo-sharing app, Whee, that looks incredibly similar to Instagram. Whee is positioned as an app for sharing photos with only your closest friends. “Take and share real photos that only your friends can see, allowing you to be yourself,” says Whee’s description on Google Play. “Whee is the best place for close friends to share life’s moments.”


Features and Availability

Screenshots of the app show off features like photo sharing, a list of friends you can message, and a feed. Many of the photo captions highlight how these features help you connect with friends. Currently, Whee is only available on Android in “more than a dozen countries,” but not in the US. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

TikTok’s Continued Inspiration from Instagram

This isn’t the first TikTok app to be inspired by Instagram, notes NIXsolutions. In April, the company said it was developing a photo-sharing app called TikTok Notes. With Whee, TikTok continues to expand its app offerings, exploring new ways to engage users through photo sharing.